Hello! My name is Alison Hilary Corbalis. I am a visual artist, teacher, art coach, and writer. I work in a variety of media such as oils, watercolor, acrylic, collage, photography, and video. I illustrated a perennial flower book and


Established in 2008, Aleebird is a collection of original collage, paintings, jewelry, fine art prints and gifts. ©2017 Collage Cards are NOW available! *’Honey, Where’s the Remote’ card is included in ‘The Dark Humor Set’ ‘The Romantic Set’ of 5 collage

Pet Portraits

Our pets bring us unconditional love, joy, and immeasurable comfort in our lives. They are our family. Commissioning a pet portrait is the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for yourself, for friends or family. One of the most

The Exuberant Garden

“The Exuberant Garden” is a 9×12 hardcover book, with 69 full color illustrations. Perfect for a gift to your loved one, or self, or as a learning tool for gardeners and children. Delicate, observed perennial flower portraits are well matched

Creativity Coach

  “Do you need help with defining your creative projects or establishing new creative routines? Maybe you have too many ideas, or think you have none at all? I have been creating since I was 7, I have my Masters of

Metaphysical Art

I am currently creating a series of photographic images using a headshot layered with; old photographs from personal history, images of natural textures, and digital color. My artwork has always addressed psychological subject matter through painting, photography, and collage. In

Pet Portrait Service

One of the most satisfying commission projects I do is pet portraits. I can create your pet’s likeness in watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. Commissioning a pet portrait is the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for yourself, for friends or family.

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Workshops, classes, and private art tutoring.

Local and/or via Skype classes available.


“Alison made me feel comfortable about being a first time ‘artist’. She gave me simple, doable suggestions and encouragement. She has an upbeat personality that kept everyone feeling good. I really enjoyed drawing and painting. I want to continue to use her suggestions. I want to learn more about drawing and painting.”

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