I am currently creating a series of photographic images using a headshot layered with; old photographs from personal history, images of natural textures, and digital color. My artwork has always addressed psychological subject matter through painting, photography, and collage.

In 2016, I saw a news report about an innovative technology that portrays the experience of what it looks like to have a migraine. A mother was given a chance to use a virtual reality program to view what her daughter, a patient with acute migraines, might see while experiencing one.  The mother’s reaction was that of enhanced understanding and compassion for her daughter’s challenges.

Having dealt with general anxiety for most of my life I have wished people could see what I was feeling. I have often thought about what color, shape and consistency my emotions might look like. How would I interpret and represent a tangled or blocked thought process? What shape could a feeling of fear have? Painting on canvas has been a method for me to explore these metaphorical concepts in the past. As I move forward, I continually refine my approach to this research. The news story prompted me to answer my questions in a new way, and has lead me to using the layering capabilities of digitally manipulated photographs to address my inquiries further.

I have been photographing natural objects and digitally painting an index of textures that I feel resonate with the tones of emotions I can experience. Pairing these images, digital patterns and colors with a simple headshot; I am working on recreating a static picture of what thought forms might look like if they were present around the physical body and viewable to others.

My direction is to bring more awareness to mental health issues by creating a visual vocabulary for what symptoms of anxiety may look like. I would like to continue working towards creating a catalogue of images that may be useful and relatable for those dealing with similar mental health issues.




My definition of Metaphysics means going beyond what I see with my eyes and exploring dreams, thoughts, sudden visions, and visual feelings. I have been exploring these concepts through digital photography, watercolor, and oil paintings. All mediums seem to work off of each other. Each medium allows me to explore different aspects of the ideas I am working on conveying. This is all new work which I began mid 2016.

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