Pen and Watercolor Workshop

This workshop was was a three part series based on my illustrations from my garden book ‘The Exuberant Garden’ We explored line drawing with different drawing tools, introduced watercolor into our line drawings, and learned to improve our observation skills. Throughout the series I taught how to use vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, bamboo brush with inks, fine line marker, and watercolor paint.

“I very much enjoyed working with the Japanese bamboo brush and India ink. Alison led us wonderfully into combining our drawings with watercolor. Her guidance and encouragement was superb. I would like to further explore fine line drawing with watercolor applied to the flowers and background. She is an inspiration.” ~Ellen

Student Work Gallery:

“Alison was very excited, patient, and relaxed. It was easy to tell that she loved her work. Sometimes I fear doing new things, but she made me feel very comfortable on my first day ever to paint. I knew I could paint if I did it. She helped me to focus on the flowers. I could see in my mind that it was clear and simple. Now I notice nature all around me. I see the shapes and colors. I look at everything in nature, trees, leaves, flowers, and petals in a whole different way now. It makes me want to paint, to enjoy what I see in nature. I can do it!” ~Cynthia

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Workshop Bookings

I am available for schools, senior centers, home school associations, public workshops, private classes, classes via Skype, and private art tutoring.

I have experience in drawing and painting in charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, as well as collage mixed media.

I have my Masters in Fine Arts and have taught in university, hospital programs, and public programs in NY.

Please contact me if you would like more information and my availability. I enjoy working with all ages and levels of experience!

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