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“I loved Alison’s artistic view. Her attitude was open and gently affirming. She passed to me a colorful, uncluttered way of seeing. I would be delighted to gather my drawings to make my own book.” ~Moses

“Alison is a great teacher. She was positive and gave me time and attention to encourage me. I was able to finish each drawing I started. I loved coming to class, and I valued the paintings I made. I will remember her suggestions when I continue to paint. I want to paint like that again.” ~Sandi

“I very much enjoyed working with the Japanese bamboo brush and India ink. Alison led us wonderfully into combining our drawings with watercolor. Her guidance and encouragement was superb. I would like to further explore fine line drawing with watercolor applied to the flowers and background. She is an inspiration.” ~Ellen

“Alison made me feel comfortable about being a first time ‘artist’. She gave me simple, doable suggestions and encouragement. She has an upbeat personality that kept everyone feeling good. I really enjoyed drawing and painting. I want to continue to use her suggestions. I want to learn more about drawing and painting.” ~Kathy

“I enjoyed drawing the flowers. Mine were different from those in the vase. I liked drawing the flowers with the fine line pen and leaving out the vase. Doing this kind of painting made me feel happy. My painting looked like Monet’s flowers.” ~Pat

“Alison was very excited, patient, and relaxed. It was easy to tell that she loved her work. Sometimes I fear doing new things, but she made me feel very comfortable on my first day ever to paint. I knew I could paint if I did it. She helped me to focus on the flowers. I could see in my mind that it was clear and simple. Now I notice nature all around me. I see the shapes and colors. I look at everything in nature, trees, leaves, flowers, and petals in a whole different way now. It makes me want to paint, to enjoy what I see in nature. I can do it!” ~Cynthia

“Alison helped me to see a different style of painting. I liked her workshop. I learned a new way to draw and paint. Because we used a pen, I could not erase. I drew with inks and markers instead of pencils. I would like to paint like this again. I did not worry about mistakes. I know that I can look more at the plants and flowers when I draw. I want to do that more.” ~Helen

“Alison inspired me to ‘go Big’. It made me use the whole paper, draw bigger and larger. I loved the brushes. They helped me loosen up. She inspired me to get out of my comfort zone, to try to see in new ways.” ~Patty

Workshop Bookings

I am available for schools, senior centers, home school associations, public workshops, private classes, classes via Skype, and private art tutoring.

I have experience in drawing and painting in charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil, as well as collage mixed media.

I have my Masters in Fine Arts and have taught in university, hospital programs, and public programs in NY.

Please contact me if you would like more information and my availability. I enjoy working with all ages and levels of experience!